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Retiring BrowserID on Mozilla Accounts

The tl;dr here is that Mozilla Accounts is turning off SyncStorage BrowserID support and it probably doesn’t affect you at all.


I made a new hack poster

I was feeling nostalgic a couple months ago and built a hack poster out of plywood. It’s mostly modeled after the original but I added the radio tower and changed the words. “This technology could fall into the right hands” still makes me smile when I see it out in the world.

A crude case for the W8BH morse tutor

I looked everywhere for a case for W8BH’s Morse Tutor project[1]. The only one I found was a 3d printed one for the previous revision with the smaller screen.

Automatically transcribing digital radio

I’ve recently been using DSD FME to decode Silke Communication’s FleetNet Network radio traffic around me. After some configuration effort it’s working well, but I realized one of the things I’ve really appreciated about the past decade is the slow migration to asynchronous communications (email, messages, etc.) instead of voice calls or in-person meetings that interrupt whatever I’m doing. I don’t want to actually listen to the radio traffic, rather, I’d like to skim it, preferably visually, after-the-fact to see if anything interesting happened.