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Setting up a Yaesu FTDX-3000 with FT8 on OS X

There are plenty of walkthroughs online about setting up FT8 on the DX-3000 with Windows but I didn’t find any for OS X. So, here we are. I’m using the USB interface.

Retiring the Hera library

Thirteen years ago I wrote a library called Hera to make expiring content on Zeus Traffic Managers easier. It was on PyPi but never super popular and the maintainers of Hera Workflow got in touch with me about taking over the namespace. I don’t use the library anymore so it was easy to give up the name. If you do need the library you can find it on GitHub.

Starting a dashboard for openHAB data

In this post I’ll set up the software needed to store data from openHAB and display it on a dashboard. I’ll use a z-wave thermostat I have already set up on my network, and I’ll add Grafana and InfluxDB.

Trying Mozilla's Things Gateway

Spoiler: It doesn’t yet support my hardware and I didn’t get it working, but I’m posting anyway because it’s ok to fail. :)

Some GMail filters to make sorting through Mozilla email easier

I use some GMail filters to help sort out the flood of emails I get from Mozilla projects. They help me identify bugs and issues I’ve been asked for information on versus the mail I get from, for example, being an owner for our GitHub organization.