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Trying Mozilla's Things Gateway

Spoiler: It doesn’t yet support my hardware and I didn’t get it working, but I’m posting anyway because it’s ok to fail. :)

Some GMail filters to make sorting through Mozilla email easier

I use some GMail filters to help sort out the flood of emails I get from Mozilla projects. They help me identify bugs and issues I’ve been asked for information on versus the mail I get from, for example, being an owner for our GitHub organization.

Test Pilot Legacy Program Final Review

One of my Q3 goals was to migrate the Legacy Test Pilot users into our new Test Pilot program (some background on the two programs). The previous program was similar in that people could give feedback on experiments, but different enough that we didn’t feel comfortable simply moving the users to the new program without some kind of notification and opting-in.

Test Pilot 2016 Q4 OKRs

The Test Pilot 2016 Q4 OKRs are published. Primarily we’ll be focused on continued growth of users (our overall 2016 goal). We deprioritized localization last quarter and over-rotated on publishing experiments by launching four when we were only aiming for one. This quarter we’ll turn that knob back down (we’re aiming for two new experiments) and get localization done.

testpilot.firefox.com just got a lot easier to work on

We originally built Test Pilot on top of Django and some JS libraries to fulfill our product requirements as well as keep us flexible enough to evolve quickly since we were a brand new site.