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It's time to upgrade from Test Pilot to Test Pilot

Were you one of the brave pioneers who participated in the original Test Pilot program? You deserve a hearty thanks!

Are you also someone who never bothered to uninstall the old Test Pilot add-on which has been sitting around in your browser ever since? Or maybe you were hoping the program would be revived and another experiment would appear? Or maybe you forgot all about it?

If that’s you, I’ve got news: I’m releasing an upgrade for the old Test Pilot add-on today which will:

  • Open a new tab inviting you to join the new Test Pilot program
  • Uninstall itself and all related settings and data

If you’re interested in joining the new program, please click through and install the new add-on when you’re prompted. If you’re not interested, just close the tab and be happy your browser has one less add-on it needs to load every time you start it up.

Random FAQs:

  • The old add-on is, well, old, so it can only be uninstalled after you restart Firefox. It’s all automatic when you do, but if you’re waiting for a prompt and don’t see it, that could be the culprit.

  • If you already have the new Test Pilot add-on installed, you can just close the new tab. The old add-on will be uninstalled and your existing Test Pilot add-on (and any experiments you have running) will be unaffected.

A special thanks to Philipp Kewisch and Andreas Wagner for their help writing and reviewing the add-on.

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