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Test Pilot launches today!

Check out Test Pilot or read the official announcement.

I joined the Test Pilot team in January and am pleased to be a part of launching our experiment platform today on testpilot.firefox.com! Our goal is to provide a portal where you can easily browse and play with experimental features in Firefox.

We’re starting out with three new experiments so people can get a feel for what the program is like and we’ll be rotating new experiments in as previous ones graduate from the program.

Behind the scenes is a pretty comprehensive pipeline to rocket an idea from the back of a napkin to being used by users in a short period of time. If you have an idea (bonus points if it’s already an add-on) and would like to get in the program let us know, look us up in #testpilot on irc.mozilla.org, or get in touch with me directly.

This is a static site. If you have any comments please start a thread in the fediverse and tag me or send an email.