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Next Stop: Idea Town

This is just a quick post to highlight some logistical changes:

After nearly a decade of working on AMO I’m passing the module ownership and engineering management to the very capable Andy McKay, who has also been working on it for many years. With this transition, I think, it’s the first time that the AMO website and the add-ons support in the platform are all reporting to the same manager. I expect this will mean a much more streamlined experience and I’m happy to see the add-ons program is getting a lot of organizational support in 2016.

At the same time, I’m also passing my engineering responsibilities on the Firefox Marketplace to David Durst, and, let’s be fair, he’s been doing them all for a long time anyway. David will continue supporting the Marketplace for the TVs which just launched this month, as well as wherever the new connected devices program takes Mozilla.

I’ll be transitioning to the Idea Town team as the engineering manager, working closely with the Firefox team and the community to get ideas from concepts to landing in the browser in record time. Look for more info on what that means soon!

Thanks for your support while we all transition.

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