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Improving our process; part 2: Public Priorities

Part 1: Identifying Priorities

As promised, there is now a public view of upcoming work on the Firefox Marketplace. This dashboard shows a rough representation of our thought process when we evaluated each project using the criteria from Part 1. If you hover over the titles there are also some helpful descriptions and questions we asked ourselves. Clicking a project title will expand to show some information about the project as well as any notes about the scoring. Some of the projects have been grandfathered in to this process so they are a bit light on details, but if you look at a project like Support Low Memory Firefox OS Devices (128MB) you’ll see the potential.

We’re still working on the right people to get in the room to do the scoring. Mailing lists are hard because of the lack of easy discussion but in person is hard due to scheduling and not wasting time bikeshedding. We’ll get better as we get experience, our main focus at this point is staying consistent with the scoring - being sure to consider the entire ecosystem when assigning a value.

There are still a lot of projects to evaluate but I’m really excited about being able to link to a backlog of projects and easily point out which are a high priority and why. As always, feedback welcome.

This is a static site. If you have any comments please start a thread in the fediverse and tag me or send an email.