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Some new Marketplace dashboards

Cross posting from a mailing list:

I’m pleased to present a couple of dashboards I made over the break for the Marketplace. Behold:

1) How many bugs were closed this week? https://metaplace.paas.allizom.org/bugskiosk/

I actually had the code for that one already laying around, so that was just to see if Andy was taking pull requests on metaplace. :)

2) What waffles are what? https://metaplace.paas.allizom.org/waffles/

A long standing complaint is that it’s hard to tell what waffles we have on which site. Not anymore - now you can instantly get two scoops of knowledge as a healthy part of this complete dashboard. (prod’s API isn’t live so nothing in that column yet)

3) That API seems slow, but maybe it’s just me… https://metaplace.paas.allizom.org/apikiosk/

A close runner up in concerns, some of our API speeds have been questionable but it’s hard to point to a problem when we’re trying to find a graphite graph (behind auth) or it’s only happening to you and you can screenshot it but it may just be slow that day or something. Now we have our own personal arewefastyet.com so we can point to real(-time) data on our API speeds (measured from around the world via pingdom). See the other thread on this list (“[RFC] API performance standards”) for more thoughts on this

Happy 2014!

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