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How to get a development instance of AMO set up in about 10 minutes

Last year we set up landfill.amo to give contributors an easy base to set up the addons.mozilla.org site. Easy is relative here, of course, but it was a big leap over what we had at the time.

Kumar leapfrogged that milestone by adding Vagrant configuration scripts to our repository. Now you can have a running version of AMO on your local system in about 3-5 commands[1].

Check out the steps to install AMO with Vagrant to see how. I set it up on OS X last week and aside from waiting for the download it only took a few minutes. Drop by #amo on IRC if you run into any troubles.

[1] Setting this up on Windows is apparently more difficult although one contributor did find success after fighting with it for some time.

Edit: Updated the installation instructions URL

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