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Libraries to connect to a Citrix NetScaler or Zeus Traffic Manager

The first front end cache we used on AMO was the Citrix NetScaler. I've complained about it's API before but apparently never announced the library I wrote to purge items from the cache. So, a little late, but I have some reusable PHP code that will talk to your NetScaler and let you expire objects.

We hit some limitations with the NetScaler that we weren't happy with. Cost aside, it ignored some pretty standard stuff like the HTTP Vary Header. After working around that for years we switched to the horizontally scalable Zeus Traffic Manager (at that time, referred to as ZXTM). We've been pleased with our choice and six months ago I wrote a similar PHP library that allows you to connect to Zeus's API. Time and priorities being what they are, we never implemented it in production.

Finally, the real point to this post, last night I wrote a python library that will expire content from Zeus. We'll roll this into our migration and waiting on content to expire from Zeus should be a thing of the past.

As always, if you can use the libraries, feel free. They all have READMEs with examples.

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