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Top 50 searches on addons.mozilla.org

The flight from Portland to San Jose is just about the right length to write some scripts to analyze a bunch of data, make a pretty graph, and then write a blog post drawing fairly obvious conclusions. Someone on IRC said they were interested in the top search terms being used on addons.mozilla.org so here we are.

During the week of April 29, 2009 and May 5, 2009 there were around 150000 queries. Of the top 20 queries on addons.mozilla.org (a quick estimate says that is around 12% of the total queries on the site) only 7 actually have search terms. The rest are just choosing different options for the search like category or number of results on a page. If we filter the top queries for ones that include search terms we get a graph that looks like this:

All the searches on that page are for the en-US locale unless otherwise noted. It looks like the majority of searches are for specific add-ons but there are also some popular generic terms like download, gmail, and video. I think it's interesting that German was the only other locale to make the list (and fairly high up on the list). Maybe the next stats post will be about overall locale use.

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