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ThreadBubble going the way of the dodo

I got the chance to try out the latest version of Shredder last night which recently celebrated it's Alpha 3 release fixing an impressive number of bugs. Among the heap of bugs is our very own bug 262319; "sort by thread fails to resort on new message." Two weeks shy of celebrating it's fourth birthday it was squashed and a fix was checked in.

A few straggling bugs aside[1] proper message sorting has been achieved and the ThreadBubble extension is no longer needed.

The latest version, ThreadBubble 0.8, is compatible with Thunderbird versions up to 3.0a2pre and I expect it will be the last version released. Maybe I'll work on a Firefox extension next...

Anyway, thanks to everyone who tested, used, and gave feedback about ThreadBubble. :)

[1] This is kind of a joke - the parent bug is actually a meta bug for all threaded view issues and I don't know how many of those are confirmed or are relevant to what ThreadBubble fixed. I do know I filed bug 461100 last night which is a new problem with the threaded view as far as I can tell.

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