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Verbatim Alpha Release

Last week I connected Verbatim to the addons.mozilla.org SVN repository and with great help from #verbatim on IRC the blocker bugs have been ironed out. Special thanks to Rubén Martín (Nukeador) for making the maiden commit.

The server is a bit more unstable than I'd like[1] but it's usable. If you'd like to give it a shot to localize the latest AMO changes follow these steps:

  1. Log in with your LDAP</a> account (no need to register separately)</li>
  2. Click "change options" and choose "addons.mozilla.org" and your language
  3. Join #verbatim on IRC and let me know you registered and I'll make you an admin for the locale. After that other options will appear in the interface.
  4. </ol>

    One side note:

    To update the .po file from SVN or commit your changes to SVN you need to click "Show Editing Functions" when viewing the LC_MESSAGES folder.

    I'm coming up with a plan to make both the registration process simpler and the updating/commiting more intuitive but for now that's what we've got. If you'd prefer to keep updating the way you're used to feel free; this is an alpha version and I'm primarily seeking feedback (and hopefully offering some convenience).

    If you're interested in learning more about Verbatim there is information on the wiki including the current time line in the meeting notepad section.

    [1] Due to the way jToolkit works I have to restart the server every time I push a code update which breaks everyone's sessions.

This is a static site. If you have any comments please start a thread in the fediverse and tag me or send an email.