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addons.mozilla.org and Localization at the Firefox Summit

We're planning several sessions at the upcoming Firefox summit including one specifically about AMO and L10n in which we hope to connect with localizers and start looking at some of the pain points of localizing AMO. With that in mind I've been collecting topic ideas and I'd like to hear any others you have. On my list so far:

  • Connecting localizers and add-on authors. The only way to localize add-ons and metadata right now is if the author knows someone who can translate the extension or by using an existing service like BabelZilla. It would be nice to add an easy way to connect these two without overwhelming localizers or creating a bottleneck.
  • Being notified of AMO string updates. Right now we have RSS feeds and the mailing list. It would be nice to have something more concrete and consistently up to date.
  • Use normal .po files or make the ones we have easier to use. This came up before and was discussed again briefly. I don’t expect to convert to using standard .po files now that we can provide English fallback in the application. However, we can make them easier to use particularly with the small (size and number) of updates for AMO.

What other ideas and pain points would you like to discuss at the summit? Leave a comment with ideas.

Also, I expect Verbatim to come up in our discussions since it's still in planning and now is the time to add features. If you have ideas for AMO in a Verbatim context feel free to add them also.

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