Replace emojis with :aliases: on IRC

I work with some cool cats who are on the cutting edge of hip new technologies like emojis. OS X shows the emojis correctly but if I’m using IRC over SSH from Linux all I see are missing characters:

Are they ready to push the site? I always just assume so, but before that comes back to bite me I decided to write a quick script to replace emojis with their text aliases:

On the left is their view, and on the right is my client that is still stuck in two-thousand-late.

If you run weechat and would like to use the script:

  1. Copy to ~/.weechat/python
  2. Run /python load

If you want it to load automatically:

  1. cd ~/.weechat/python/autoload
  2. ln -s ../ .

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The old version of this script is pending in the weechat scripts repository ( ) so I can't upload the new one.
Your best bet is to get this directly from github:
-- Wil Clouser, 30 Aug 2016

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