Meet the New Test Pilot

Effective immediately, we’ve renamed the Idea Town program to Test Pilot.

The original Test Pilot was an opt-in “labs” project around measuring what people actually did with the browser in small experiments, but hasn’t been used in over a year and has no future plans. We’ll be using the name and some of the assets to accelerate our original Idea Town plans.

At first glance the two projects appear similar but have key differences. I originally wrote a list to clarify what the new Test Pilot program was but decided it would be most useful if everyone could see it. Below is a rough description of the new Test Pilot.

I’m working on our migration plan but the Test Pilot wiki page is up and contains links to getting involved and staying up to date on further changes.

Long live Test Pilot. Again.


Shoulda called it Persona!
-- kats, 27 Jan 2016
Ha. That option was brought up. :)
-- clouserw, 27 Jan 2016

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