The Great Add-on Bug Triage

The AMO team is meeting this week to discuss road maps and strategies and among the topics is our backlog of open bugs. Since mid-2011 there has averaged around 1200 bugs open at any one time.

Currently any interaction with AMO’s bugs is too time consuming: finding good first bugs, triaging existing bugs, organizing a chunk of bugs to fix in a milestone – they all require interacting with a list of 1200 bugs, many of which are years old and full of discussions by people who no longer contribute to the bugs. The small chunks of time I (and others) get to work on AMO are consumed by digging through these old bugs and trying to apply them to the current site.

In an effort to get this list to a manageable size the AMO team is aggressively triaging and closing bugs this week, hopefully ending the week with a realistic list of items we can hope to accomplish. With that list in hand we can prioritize the bugs, divide them into milestones, and begin to lobby for developer time.

Many of the bugs which are being closed are good ideas and we’d like to fix them, but we simply need to be realistic about what we can actually do with the resources we have. If you contribute patches to any of the bugs, please feel free to reopen them.

Thanks for being a part of AMO.


Thanks Wil. Just one thing I wonder about is, why those bugs are not getting closed as INCOMPLETE. That feels less frustrating for people who filed the bug in the past. Those bugs we can always reopen, while WONTFIX gives another tone and doesn't visualize (at least for me) that we might want to get them fixed.
-- Henrik Skupin, 24 Sep 2014
Totally agree with you, Henrik.
-- Anaran, 26 Sep 2014
For me INCOMPLETE always meant that the bug reporter didn't file a complete bug (or didn't come back to answer follow up questions). Admittedly, neither is a perfect fit here. I'd still like EXPIRED to be added too.

We finished the first triage run so are done with the mass-changes. Next up will be another triage focused on prioritizing, assigning, and adding mentors to bugs. Hopefully can do that next week. for a bug graph (only updates every 24hr or so)
-- Wil Clouser, 26 Sep 2014
Closing these bugs was a terrible thing to do. It makes things unclear for people filing new bugs (is this a dup?) and for volunteers looking for bugs to fix. Please reopen them and use a whiteboard marker to indicate their low priority instead.
-- Jesse Ruderman, 16 Dec 2014

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