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This is just a short note to recognize the long coming milestone of PHP being effectively off[1] on We started the migration in 2010 and just finished it up a couple weeks ago. After the major pages were completed it was hard to budget time for all the minor details we had implemented since there was so much other important stuff to do (I'm looking at you, Now that the switch is done though we can simplify our setup instructions for AMO, simplify our infrastructure, optimize apache for python only, have full unit test coverage - the list goes on.

A big thanks to all the developers who made the switch possible, and especially the ones at the end who were working on migrating PHP scripts instead of more glorious projects. Thanks to the management and all the other folks affected by the switch for being patient with the scheduling. Thanks to the localizers for dealing with the crazy merged .po files, and, of course, thanks to the users of AMO for reporting bugs when they happened and generally being an all around great community to work with.

[1] Currently all traffic is being rewritten to a WSGI handler for Python. PHP is still on the server but nothing uses it. We'll be removing it completely in the near future.


Thanks for that and congrats to all involved on finishing this massive project!

Would be great if "simplify setup instructions" would entail letting people set up dev environments (more easily), which was a show stopper every time I tried (usually due to missing DB bootstrap/example data IIRC)
-- Nils Maier, 09 Apr 2012
I actually have a post written addressing exactly that. Will publish soon - it's possible now.
-- Wil Clouser, 09 Apr 2012

All credit for the actual useful stuff goes to the developers who integrated Vagrant of course. :)
-- Wil Clouser, 10 Apr 2012
Php is not dead.... php is the most used language in web atm, and with the release of windows 8 for mobiles, html5 will be used for the development of applications, and ofc php to generate it.
-- programator php, 10 May 2012

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