AMO 2011 Development Visualized

I was playing around with gource this weekend while watching the TSL 3 Finals and pointed it at's source repository. I sped it up to display 1 day of commits per second and piped it all to ffmpeg to make a video.

It turned out pretty well so here is development so far for 2011 (in HD!):

(Warning: prefetching is off but if you click play you're in for an 80MB video.)

The gource docs are easy to read if you want to do this for your project, but for the record this is what I ran:

gource --viewport 1280x720 \
--user-image-dir ~/sandbox/zamboni/.git/avatar/ \
--title "" \
--auto-skip-seconds 1 \
--seconds-per-day 1 \
--start-position .715 \
--max-file-lag 0.5 \
--max-files 5000 \
--camera-mode track \
-o -

Piped to:

ffmpeg -y \
-r 60 \
-f image2pipe \
-vcodec ppm \
-i - \
-vcodec libtheora \
-b 10000K \

That gave me a 180MB uncompressed ogv. The uncompressed version looks far nicer, but that's a lot of bandwidth for a random video so I cut it down with ffmpeg2thoerea (anyone know the switch to do this directly in the ffmpeg command?):

ffmpeg2theora -v 4
-o amo-2011-development.ogv

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