Differentiate Bugzilla emails?

Bugzilla is an awesome bug tracker that is used by hundreds of companies. I've got accounts on several projects' trackers and I'm sure many others do also.

When I get mail from Bugzilla it's not obvious which project it's from. My email client (GMail) only shows the "from name" so all I see for these projects is:

Mozilla: bugzilla-daemon
Pootle: bugzilla-daemon
Miro: bugzilla
kernel.org: bugme-daemon
Apache: bugzilla

Wouldn't it make sense to differentiate each projects' emails in the from name? Maybe even by default (something like "%SITE_NAME% Bugzilla")?

Reed says it's a personal problem because his mail client shows the full address. Am I the only one? :(


I also have several Bugzilla accounts (Mozilla, KDE, Mandriva, RedHat, Songbird, ...), and I can also read the full email address of the sender, using GMail... from Thunderbird. ;) So this is really not a problem to me. Cannot you filter the email sender and redirect emails into their appropriate folder? Thunderbird can do that. This way, you have one folder per installation, and you aren't confused anymore.
-- LpSolit, 02 Mar 2009
Yeah, I've got a rule set up to add tags to the email based on who sent it. It seems like an extra step though.
-- Wil Clouser, 02 Mar 2009
Now I know why gmail has labels! :)
-- Tomer Cohen, 02 Mar 2009
You should be able to filter on the X-Bugzilla-URL field. But it looks like that's not set on bugzilla.mozilla.org for some reason.....
-- Bradley Baetz, 02 Mar 2009
note that gmail doesn't let you filter on custom fields, so that's not very useful.

that said, you can easily filter on from:
-- timeless, 02 Mar 2009
I know it's old and tired, but have you filed a bug for this yet?

- Chris
-- Chris Cunningham, 03 Mar 2009
When I attempted to use gmail as a view into my bugmail (leaving Thunderbird 2.x behind) the first thing I did was try to replicate my intricate filter system that is based on the custom headers in bugzilla. And since Gmail doesn't filter on custom headers, I filed an issue with them. Nothing to my knowledge ever came of it. Please spam them with more bugs until they fix it. :-)
-- Clint Talbert, 03 Mar 2009
Actually, KDE's Bugzilla is somewhat evil by showing the person who made the change in the From line of the bugmail instead of a generic bugzilla address, so it even confuses me in SeaMonkey/Thunderbird mail that works well enough for the others by showing the part after the @ as well (and I really wonder why any email client would be dump enough not to do that - sorry gmail).
-- Robert Kaiser, 04 Mar 2009
Aside from the filtering and labeling already mentioned by others, you're aware that you have hover over the name to get the full address, right?

And, of course, that's not to say that I don't support changing Bugzilla to give some actual useful information in that area, because I definitely do.
-- Gordon P. Hemsley, 07 Mar 2009
Being able to filter messages by custom header, such as X-Bugzilla-*, in my Gmail account has been a painful for me for quite a while. That's why I've decided to develop a Gmail application that will filter your e-mail as your desktop client would do:

Any feedback about this idea would be more than welcome.
-- jcollado, 25 Jan 2014

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