ThreadBubble going the way of the dodo

I got the chance to try out the latest version of Shredder last night which recently celebrated it's Alpha 3 release fixing an impressive number of bugs. Among the heap of bugs is our very own bug 262319; "sort by thread fails to resort on new message." Two weeks shy of celebrating it's fourth birthday it was squashed and a fix was checked in.

A few straggling bugs aside[1] proper message sorting has been achieved and the ThreadBubble extension is no longer needed.

The latest version, ThreadBubble 0.8, is compatible with Thunderbird versions up to 3.0a2pre and I expect it will be the last version released. Maybe I'll work on a Firefox extension next...

Anyway, thanks to everyone who tested, used, and gave feedback about ThreadBubble. :)

[1] This is kind of a joke - the parent bug is actually a meta bug for all threaded view issues and I don't know how many of those are confirmed or are relevant to what ThreadBubble fixed. I do know I filed bug 461100 last night which is a new problem with the threaded view as far as I can tell.


I think you meant the Alpha 3 release!
-- Standard8, 23 Oct 2008
I think you're right! :)
-- Wil Clouser, 23 Oct 2008
Thanks for ThreadBubble, Wil! I "use" it every day and it makes my life much easier :)
-- Fred Wenzel, 24 Oct 2008
Bye ThreadBubble, we love you!
-- morgamic, 30 Oct 2008
I know this is and old posting and that similar functionality exists now on the latest version of Thunderbird but I am looking for something else. Mac Mail shows the latest email in a thread as the subject of the thread when the thread is minimized, In this way, a new email shows up where it should be, as your last received email, but if it is part of a thread it shows as a minimized thread. This looks very similar to when you receive a new email, the only difference is that you can then expand the thread to see all past emails. So the behaviour I am looking for is to have the last email in a thread showing up as the minimized thread, in this way I have the latest info (date, subject, sender on top of the pile when the thread is minimized. It is easier to show than to say, if you have the chance check this on a Mac. I wonder if it would be possible to have an extension that would accomplish the same.
-- Al Su, 12 May 2010

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