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I've been the lead of the AMO 3.4.x development release cycles which have been going on for about 8 weeks. During that time we've been a little more structured with our release schedule. The general plan has been a code freeze every other Monday at midnight and a push to production the following Thursday. This gives us roughly ten days of coding and two days of QA and L10n for each push. It's a compromise but it means that we're never too far away from bug fixes and new features. The short turn around cycle also means there aren't dramatic changes which lead to confusion and panic (I'm looking at you mozillaZine ;) <3 Heart).

In an effort to keep the community informed I've also posted to the Webdev blog when each release is going out and linked to the bugs that are being fixed.

We've talked internally and think the new release process is working well despite some cramming that consistently happens right before the code freeze (also the FF3 launch threw off our schedule a bit). I'm posting this here to ask if anyone has noticed the change or if there is anything else anyone would like to see from our release process (aside from fixing all the bugs...). Let us know how we can improve the process and we'll keep working on the bug list.

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I love the addons site, but I think it can do a little better to reach the community.
1. I think that whenever there's a new update to the AMO site, there should be a link or an icon in the site pointing to the new features.
2. I'm looking at the main page of the AMO site, there's no way for community to get involved except in downloading and adding extensions.
3. I think the site would greatly benefit in having some sort of built in social networking features. Maybe the site can be closer and tie in better with mozilla and spreadfirefox
-- Jose, 30 Jun 2008

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