and Localization at the Firefox Summit

We're planning several sessions at the upcoming Firefox summit including one specifically about AMO and L10n in which we hope to connect with localizers and start looking at some of the pain points of localizing AMO. With that in mind I've been collecting topic ideas and I'd like to hear any others you have. On my list so far:

What other ideas and pain points would you like to discuss at the summit? Leave a comment with ideas.

Also, I expect Verbatim to come up in our discussions since it's still in planning and now is the time to add features. If you have ideas for AMO in a Verbatim context feel free to add them also.

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I know this isn't or would not only be AMO specific code but adding locale packs for extensions to Firefox and then AMO would greatly help out extension developers and the reviewers.
-- Kurt Schultz, 03 Jun 2008

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