My Homemade Vanilla Extract

Bottled vanilla extract

I haven't found much time for cooking lately but this project brought me back to the kitchen tonight. I've been acquiring the ingredients for about a month and finally found a suitable bottle (it was originally a bottle of Mönchshof World Classic Schwarz). I followed these instructions for the most part but I added a tablespoon of dark rum for additional flavor.

The site claims the vanilla can be used as soon as a month but I expect to filter it around September and then transfer it to smaller bottles. All in all I should get about a cup and a half of extract. I hope it's as delicious as it smells. :)


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Did you use 47.5% ethanol?
-- Montana, 21 Mar 2008
Did you use 47.5% ethanol?

I used a cup and a half of Grey Goose Vodka. Should be pretty tasteless.
-- Wil Clouser, 24 Mar 2008

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