Localization introduction at PDXPHP next week

I'm going to be in Portland next week giving a casual introduction to localization at PDXPHP's October meeting. It's scheduled for 6:30pm on October 9th, so stop by if you're in the neighborhood, and feel free to bring questions.

Oh, and going to the Slashdot 10-year anniversary party isn't an excuse to miss this. :) You can come to PDXPHP, talk about L10n, fill up on pizza, and still show up fashionably late to the Slashdot party.


Also, make sure you don't travel to Portland, Maine accidentally. There's a /. party there also ;)
-- Fred Wenzel, 02 Oct 2007
10/9 is my daughter's birthday! maybe i'll bring her and her friends. most 12 year olds are interested in l10n, right?
-- dietrich ayala, 02 Oct 2007

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