Today, I clean my house beer-style

I'm pretty sure I coined a new phrase in a dream last night. In my dream, I was talking to some people about multitasking several projects that I had to do, and I said:

"Nah, I'm going to do these projects beer-style."

In the dream I specifically remember it meaning "I'm going to finish one before starting another," and I think everyone I was talking to understood that. I'm sure that was merely a consequence of my dream, but I'm going to try to weasel it into a real conversation soon and see if anyone notices. If nothing else, I'll see if anyone is listening to me. :)


You had me at "beer."

I like it. Do you have one for multitasking?
-- Barry, 03 Sep 2007
Nope, I guess I woke up too early. I'm actually finding it pretty difficult to use beer-style in a conversation too.
-- Wil Clouser, 03 Sep 2007

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