ThreadBubble 0.5 released

This release fixes an annoying bug that caused messages to disappear from the message list (even though they were still in the folder). In previous versions, if there was a thread with 2 messages in it, and you deleted or moved the root message, the other would disappear from the display. If you clicked on a different folder and came back, the previously nested message would be shown again.

Fixing this problem was more involved than I was hoping, and while debugging, I stumbled across what I'm considering a bug in Thunderbird:

If there is a new message in a thread, and I delete the root message, the OnItemAdded event is fired as if a new message just arrived. If I delete any message other than the root, or if there is no message marked "new" in the thread, the event is not fired. From my limited understanding of the system, it seems like OnItemAdded should only be fired when an item is added (either new mail arrives, or I move a message from another folder). Regardless, I'm no longer using the OnItemAdded hook, so it's not an issue for ThreadBubble any more.

It's also worth noting that ThreadBubble now only works with Thunderbird version 2.0 and above due to the way it gets notified about new mail.

Download ThreadBubble 0.5


Hi Wil,

thanks for writing this extension!

I was wondering whether you know by any chance if the "wrong sort whithin threads bug":

is resolved in the meantime; or how it could be resolved?

I don't know how the patch that has been posted there can be applied (e.g. by me as a user and not a programmer).

Thank you already for your opinion,
-- David.P, 14 Jun 2007
Hi David,

The patch in that bug is actually for the Thunderbird source code, so it's probably not something you'd want to mess with. The good news is, the patch was accepted in March, so I'd expect it to be in the next release of Thunderbird, which is happening in the next few days.
-- Wil Clouser, 14 Jun 2007
I was just curious how your extension is different from the threaded conversations available in Thanks in advance.
-- Jesse, 11 Dec 2007
Hey Jesse,

This extension builds off the threads in When a new message comes in to Thunderbird it's just added to the conversation. If you have a lot of mail in your inbox you might not notice it, especially if the conversation is old. This extension will put the conversation with the new mail at the top of your inbox so it's easy to notice the new message.
-- Wil Clouser, 11 Dec 2007

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