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Retiring AMO’s Landfill

A few years ago we deployed a landfill for AMO – a place where people could play around with the site without affecting our production install and developers could easily get some data to import into their local development environment. I think the idea was sound (it was modeled after Bugzilla’s landfill) and it was […]

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Inception: projects within projects

When we converted from PHP to Python I mentioned how deceptively large (lines of code) the site had grown with so many views and features. We’ve since built on literally the same code base (a decision I hoped to blog about some day, alas) and the line count continues upwards. The MVC paradigm […]

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How to get a development instance of AMO set up in about 10 minutes

Last year we set up landfill.amo to give contributors an easy base to set up the site. Easy is relative here, of course, but it was a big leap over what we had at the time. Kumar leapfrogged that milestone by adding Vagrant configuration scripts to our repository. Now you can have a running […]

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AMO has had an on-again off-again relationship with unit tests. A little over a year ago we had a thousand unit tests that sort of, mostly, ran. The problem is, PHP unit testing just isn’t as good as it should be. CakePHP relies on SimpleTest, one of the main PHP test suites. It worked relatively […]

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Continuous Integration comes to AMO

It’s time to hail another milestone for AMO in our epic push for improvements in 2010. This time I’m happy to announce our Hudson continuous integration server which has been humming along for a few months. Hudson Integration Screenshot. Click to enlarge. AMO is the first Mozilla Webdev site to use continuous integration, and it’s […]

Also tagged , , , Celebrates 1000 (passing) Unit Tests

We started writing unit tests for AMO a few years ago with the best of intentions. As the tests grew we started running into memory/timeout problems that prevented us from running the tests. Other priorities took over and since we couldn’t run the tests we quit writing them. The tests got put on the back […]

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