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A successful first FLOSSHack

A few months ago Tim Morgan emailed the Portland OWASP chapter and suggested that we organize a meeting where everyone could get together and audit some existing software. When vulnerabilities were found we would follow the responsible disclosure life cycle and notify the maintainers before publicly disclosing. It would be a fun way to spend […]

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Your signature matters (sometimes)

Some quick background for those who don’t live in Oregon: In Oregon we do our governmental voting by mail and we’re given the option of sticking a stamp on it and mailing it or dropping it off at any of the ballot drop boxes scattered around the counties. What we mail back consists of the […]

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Ignite Portland was a huge success

I took the afternoon off work so I could drive to Portland to attend Ignite Portland. The introduction didn’t start until 6:20pm – I drove past the theatre at 4:45pm and there was already a line. The 500 person seating limit was filled while there were still people waiting in line. I slipped in with […]

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Portland Coder Party Tonight

Sorry for the short notice but there is a December Coders Bash tonight that Mozilla is helping sponsor. It starts at 7pm at CubeSpace. Drop by if you get a chance – it’s informal and sounds like a bunch of fun. Stealing from the linked page: Some of the events we are considering (subject to […]

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Localization introduction at PDXPHP next week

I’m going to be in Portland next week giving a casual introduction to localization at PDXPHP’s October meeting. It’s scheduled for 6:30pm on October 9th, so stop by if you’re in the neighborhood, and feel free to bring questions. Oh, and going to the Slashdot 10-year anniversary party isn’t an excuse to miss this. You […]

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OSCON 2007

I just learned recently that I’ll be presenting at OSCON 2007. Mike Morgan and I will be talking about the process we went through to localize If you followed the saga when we were trying to launch, you know we ran into some headaches with scaling the code to the amount of traffic that […]

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June PDX Drupal Meetup

I caught wind of a Drupal meetup tonight, and since I’m going to be working with Drupal in the near future I thought I’d stop by and check it out. My main goal was to hear about other people’s experiences using Drupal in a multilingual environment. This was my first time attending one of their […]

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