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Welcome to the Landfill

Anyone who has tried to set up AMO knows it’s no walk in the park even with the respectable amount of documentation. There are two big stumbling blocks: the database is large and complex, and a portion of the site functionality is still in PHP. Django’s syncdb can make a database, but the relationships in […]

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CLI Split Windows in Vim

I use split windows, both horizontally and vertically, in Vim all the time. I’ve always wanted to be able to split the window and then start a command line shell within that window but up until now that has just been a dream. My friend sent me a link to conque this morning which I’m […]

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Differentiate Bugzilla emails?

Bugzilla is an awesome bug tracker that is used by hundreds of companies. I’ve got accounts on several projects’ trackers and I’m sure many others do also. When I get mail from Bugzilla it’s not obvious which project it’s from. My email client (GMail) only shows the “from name” so all I see for these […]

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Thoughts on branching an open source project

I think any good manager will tell you that looking back over the choices you’ve made is an important step to improvement. In an effort to improve myself (and help anyone in a similar situation) I wrote this post with a few thoughts about branching an open source project (in this case branching Pootle to […]

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Don’t Settle for Mediocrity on the Web

When I browse the web looking to purchase a service, I find there are two pretty distinct kinds of sites. One feels like it was made in the early 90′s: it’s mostly functional, almost renders correctly, and has the odd combination of distracting images and colors we thought was a good idea back then. The […]

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10000 commits and going strong

Mozilla’s SVN repository was started on September 2nd, 2006 and just hit 10000 commits. That’s an average of over 19 commits a day for 520 days straight! After my positive experience with python I was gearing up for a script to do some repository analysis when I ran across MPY SVN Stats. After a fast […]

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Mozilla24 is coming up!

Mozilla24 is a worldwide conference about technology and the future of the web. I won’t duplicate the about page, but check out the line up of speakers. Whether you can attend in person or just visit online it should be able to offer something for anyone interested in the open web. If you’ve got some […]

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Ten Tips for Website Localization

This post has some general tips that I’d recommend to anyone wanting to write a multilingual web application. The majority of my code these days is PHP, but I think these tips are applicable to most web programming languages. In no particular order: UTF-8 is your friend. Use it. The big step from ASCII to […]

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