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Improving our process; part 2: Public Priorities

Part 1: Identifying Priorities As promised, there is now a public view of upcoming work on the Firefox Marketplace. This dashboard shows a rough representation of our thought process when we evaluated each project using the criteria from Part 1. If you hover over the titles there are also some helpful descriptions and questions we […]

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Improving our process; Part 1: Identifying Priorities

One of our stress points is juggling too many projects. It’s easy to hear ideas pitched from excited people and agree that we should do them, but it’s hard to balance that with all the other commitments we’ve already made. At some point we have too many “top priority” projects and people are scrambling to […]

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Small teams and the Marketplace workflow

Towards the end of last year my routine was to find a weeks worth of bugs for each Marketplace developer, assign what I thought they could do in a week, and then meet with the person individually to talk about them and make sure we both thought it was a reasonable amount and the priorities […]

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Choosing your own greener grass

A lot of my time is spent trying to arrange projects and schedules so we can get code shipped in a reasonable time. AMO has the blessing/curse of being broad enough that there is work to do in nearly every area on the site. Once the highest priority areas have people working on them there […]

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