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Ten years of

Ten years ago, Ben Smedberg and Wolf landed the first version of the code that would make up AMO. At the end of 2004 it was still called, written in PHP, and was just over 200k, compressed. Behold the home page of This moved through, I think, 1 major revision “update-beta” which added […]

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Splitting AMO and the Marketplace

Years ago someone asked me what the fastest way to stand up an App Marketplace was. After considering that we already had several Add-on Types in AMO I replied that it would be to create another Add-on Type for apps, use the AMO infrastructure as a foundation for logins/reviews/etc. and do whatever minor visual tweaks […]

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Choosing your own greener grass

A lot of my time is spent trying to arrange projects and schedules so we can get code shipped in a reasonable time. AMO has the blessing/curse of being broad enough that there is work to do in nearly every area on the site. Once the highest priority areas have people working on them there […]

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High level perspective on the switch from PHP to Python

It may be fatuous to write this post before we’ve actually finished the transition from PHP to Python, but I started writing a different post and this is what came out. Sometimes that happens. In January of 2010 we started migrating from CakePHP to Django. It was a controversial decision. Developers were ambivalent to […]

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AMO Development Changes in 2010

The AMO team met in Mountain View last week to develop a 2010 plan. We’ve been wanting to change some key areas of our development flow for a while but we needed to make sure time was budgeted in the overall AMO and Mozilla goals. As usual, the timeline will be tight, but the AMO […]

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Using substitution strings in .po files

A couple years ago I recommended using fake msgid’s in .po files and was, predictably, met with some argument. I suggested using this hack because there wasn’t a standard way to store context in a .po file yet.[1] Since that time msgctxt has become a standard part of gettext and makes my substitution string recommendation […]

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High-level Verbatim plan

Looking over what I’ve written about Verbatim I realize that I’ve never talked about the overall plan on here. Even though we’re well into it at this point it doesn’t hurt to review. The original plan for Verbatim was to branch Pootle and continue to merge code between the branch and trunk as features were […]

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Thoughts on branching an open source project

I think any good manager will tell you that looking back over the choices you’ve made is an important step to improvement. In an effort to improve myself (and help anyone in a similar situation) I wrote this post with a few thoughts about branching an open source project (in this case branching Pootle to […]

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