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Status Watch: An add-on for noticing HTTP error codes

Often on complex pages with many assets it can be easy to overlook assets which don’t load. Usually they are minor JS, CSS, or tracking pixels which aren’t noticed until you’ve spent way too long trying to track down the problem (or a month later you log into your stats dashboard to discover you haven’t […]

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Add-on Localization Completeness Script is on AMO

The add-on verification suite launched a few months ago and has been refined with each subsequent milestone. We’ve changed what it searches for based on feedback and our own findings and earlier this month we made it available to anyone on AMO, not just a hosted add-on’s authors. The framework was written in an extensible […]

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Top 50 searches on

The flight from Portland to San Jose is just about the right length to write some scripts to analyze a bunch of data, make a pretty graph, and then write a blog post drawing fairly obvious conclusions. Someone on IRC said they were interested in the top search terms being used on so here […]

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Add-on Statistics Status (part 2)

This is the second update about add-ons’ statistics. Read part one. Statistics for both update pings and download counts have been updated beginning with February 1 through today, February 6th. Some notes: New statistics are stored in UTC and data processing happens shortly after the logs close. This means you can expect new data at […]

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Add-on Statistics Status

Add-on statistics have been intermittent for a couple months and are just recently getting the attention they need. Our current process is to count download statistics once per day and update ping statistics once per week (update pings are a sampling of the complete set). The reliability of the script generating these statistics has been […]

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ThreadBubble going the way of the dodo

I got the chance to try out the latest version of Shredder last night which recently celebrated it’s Alpha 3 release fixing an impressive number of bugs. Among the heap of bugs is our very own bug 262319; “sort by thread fails to resort on new message.” Two weeks shy of celebrating it’s fourth birthday […]

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ThreadBubble 0.8 Released

A new version of ThreadBubble is available. Changes include: Thunderbird 3 Support: Tested on the latest nightly and working fine. This also means a lot of the code was cleaned up and made simpler. (Thunderbird 2 still works) Fixed a bug when sorted ascending where new messages wouldn’t sink to the bottom of the list. […]

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Curious about how your add-on will get along with Firefox 3?

Firefox 3 is coming down the pipeline along with a pile of great new features like caching web apps so they are available offline and the new Places API that provides a powerful interface to your bookmarks and history. No need to fret if your extensions will be compatible though – here’s the lowdown on […]

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Getting notified when new mail arrives in Thunderbird

When writing an extension for Thunderbird, it’s a common goal to be able to tell when new mail has arrived. In versions of Thunderbird before 2.0, the accepted practice was to get a pointer to the nsiMsgMailSession and add a listener that got called when a new mail event happened. The code would look something […]

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ThreadBubble 0.5 released

This release fixes an annoying bug that caused messages to disappear from the message list (even though they were still in the folder). In previous versions, if there was a thread with 2 messages in it, and you deleted or moved the root message, the other would disappear from the display. If you clicked on […]

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