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The situation had soured. Tony Six and his goons had known I was coming for four hours which means anyone that owed him a favor or had a score to settle with me was already on their way and settling in to wait. It wasn’t the kind of party I liked to crash but you […]

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Grave Pursuit

I read a book called Hint Fiction last year where the idea was to write a compelling story in 25 words or less. My favorite that I can remember was by J. Matthew Zoss: I’m sorry, but there’s not enough air in here for everyone. I’ll tell them you were a hero. I had an […]

A Night in the Emergency Department

Within minutes of my arrival at the Emergency Department a call comes in that an ambulance will arrive shortly transporting a man in cardiac arrest.  Orientation can wait.  Over the next 20 minutes he is given a regiment of drugs.  I follow him to a unit that will try to locate and destroy the clot […]

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md5verify: A script to automatically verify file integrity

I have a lot of files on my computer. Email archives, personal documents, stuff for work, photos I’ve taken…the list goes on – I’m sure most people reading this are in a similar boat. On occasion I’ve found some files to be missing or corrupt which is disturbing but is probably something to be expected. […]

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Automating “Thinking of you”

I had an idea a few weeks ago. I’ve got a bunch of great photos on my computer that no one ever sees unless we meet in person. Sure, we’ve got flickr and social networking sites, but I’m talking about an old photo that someone only saw once in passing, or a favorite shot from […]

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Why doesn’t the Android Market keep us up to date?

The Android platform comes with a great market available for browsing and downloading applications. Comments are easy to read, the permissions the application is requesting are clearly explained, and installing is a snap and happens in the background. Overall it’s a breeze to use. However, it’s got a large gap in it’s model that I […]


Your signature matters (sometimes)

Some quick background for those who don’t live in Oregon: In Oregon we do our governmental voting by mail and we’re given the option of sticking a stamp on it and mailing it or dropping it off at any of the ballot drop boxes scattered around the counties. What we mail back consists of the […]

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ThreadBubble going the way of the dodo

I got the chance to try out the latest version of Shredder last night which recently celebrated it’s Alpha 3 release fixing an impressive number of bugs. Among the heap of bugs is our very own bug 262319; “sort by thread fails to resort on new message.” Two weeks shy of celebrating it’s fourth birthday […]

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ThreadBubble 0.8 Released

A new version of ThreadBubble is available. Changes include: Thunderbird 3 Support: Tested on the latest nightly and working fine. This also means a lot of the code was cleaned up and made simpler. (Thunderbird 2 still works) Fixed a bug when sorted ascending where new messages wouldn’t sink to the bottom of the list. […]

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Mother’s day pie

Not that I need a special occasion to bake a tasty pie but mother’s day combined with picking 6 pounds of fresh rhubarb added up to a good excuse. I puttered around on the internet looking for less ordinary recipes than what I was used to and came up with an idea and a recipe. […]