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The Great Add-on Bug Triage

The AMO team is meeting this week to discuss road maps and strategies and among the topics is our backlog of open bugs. Since mid-2011 there has averaged around 1200 bugs open at any one time. Currently any interaction with AMO’s bugs is too time consuming: finding good first bugs, triaging existing bugs, organizing a […]

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Retiring AMO’s Landfill

A few years ago we deployed a landfill for AMO – a place where people could play around with the site without affecting our production install and developers could easily get some data to import into their local development environment. I think the idea was sound (it was modeled after Bugzilla’s landfill) and it was […]

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Marketplace Update for Q2

Every quarter the apps team gets together to meet people and talk about all the pieces of the projects. This quarter we’re doing a little different format which I think will turn out to be a lot more social and hopefully keep things interesting. As part of the project I put together this short video […]

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Improving our process; part 2: Public Priorities

Part 1: Identifying Priorities As promised, there is now a public view of upcoming work on the Firefox Marketplace. This dashboard shows a rough representation of our thought process when we evaluated each project using the criteria from Part 1. If you hover over the titles there are also some helpful descriptions and questions we […]

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Ten years of

Ten years ago, Ben Smedberg and Wolf landed the first version of the code that would make up AMO. At the end of 2004 it was still called, written in PHP, and was just over 200k, compressed. Behold the home page of This moved through, I think, 1 major revision “update-beta” which added […]

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Improving our process; Part 1: Identifying Priorities

One of our stress points is juggling too many projects. It’s easy to hear ideas pitched from excited people and agree that we should do them, but it’s hard to balance that with all the other commitments we’ve already made. At some point we have too many “top priority” projects and people are scrambling to […]

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Splitting AMO and the Marketplace

Years ago someone asked me what the fastest way to stand up an App Marketplace was. After considering that we already had several Add-on Types in AMO I replied that it would be to create another Add-on Type for apps, use the AMO infrastructure as a foundation for logins/reviews/etc. and do whatever minor visual tweaks […]

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Some new Marketplace dashboards

Cross posting from a mailing list: I’m pleased to present a couple of dashboards I made over the break for the Marketplace. Behold: 1) How many bugs were closed this week? I actually had the code for that one already laying around, so that was just to see if Andy was taking pull requests […]

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Marketplace in Q4, 2013

Another set of slides summarizing Marketplace accomplishments in Q4 of 2013 (html). Behold the animated gifs! Also, hat-tip to Will Kahn-Greene’s summary of Input in 2013.

2013 Q3 Accomplishments

The end of September was the same as every quarter lately – a whirlwind of summaries and demonstrations. I gave several presentations on what the Marketplace, SUMO, and Input teams did but I didn’t post anything on this [neglected] blog. It’s my party and I like to emphasize demos and screenshots over text so I’m […]

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